Paper Lunch Box Making Machine for Sale in the Canada

burger box making machine

2 sets of paper lunch box making machine exported to Canada. The paper box making machine can make 80 paper boxes per minute.

Working Case

Company: A packing company from Canada

Finished products: hot dog trays and lunch paper box.

Review from BUCKLEY: Reliable and efficient – YG Paper Lunch Box Forming Machine is incredibly easy to operate. The quality of the lunch boxes produced by this machine is exceptional. And their customer service is excellent. When I had questions about the paper box making machine, they will reply to me in a short time. In conclusion, I highly recommend the YG Paper Box Machine to any business or establishment looking for a reliable, efficient, and versatile solution for producing paper lunch boxes.

What can the paper box machine produce?

It is widely used as hamburger boxes, hot dog boxes (trays), Chinese lunch boxes, takeout boxes, French fries boxes, lunch boxes, meal boxes, take-out boxes, etc.

Features of the paper box making machine

  1. Servo motor controls the forming mold, more precise.
  2. Easy to replace the mold to manufacture different products, and the loading and adjustment time is very short.
  3. PLC program controls the entire production line and can produce complex boxes.
  4. Automatic collection, inventory and counting.
  5. Humanized design of control buttons and panels make user operation easier and safer.
  6. After completing the adjustment, the PLC can save the adjusted parameters, which can save time.

Our Factory

YG Paper machinery was found in 2005. As a leading manufacturer of paper box machines from China, we are committed to delivering reliable and efficient paper packing machinery solutions for our clients. We offer paper slitting machine, paper box folding machine, folder and gluer machine, corrugated box making machine, etc. And we provide customization options to meet diverse customer needs.

YG Paper Machinery is your trusted partner for paper box machines. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a free quote today.

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