Facial Tissue Machine Tissue Paper Manufacturing Machine Price in Qatar

A fully automatic production line for facial tissue machine exported to Qatar. Contact YG Machinery to get the tissue paper manufacturing machine price today.

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Facial tissue paper making machine for sale

Capacity: 2.5-3 tons per 8 hours.

It requires 1-2 workers to operate.

Automatic facial tissue paper making machine

The facial tissue paper making machine is a professional equipment for making paper napkin. The production is composed of a facial tissue paper folding machine, a rotary tissue paper cutting machine and a facial tissue paper packing machine.


The paper pumping machine folds and cuts the paper, so that the raw materials can be folded and formed into “N”-shaped or “Z”-shaped paper towels for people to use.

How many workers needed?

A small low cost napkin paper machine requires just 1 person, but a fully automatic facial paper machine requires 2 people.

How many area required to place the machine?

50-200 square meters (including production area, warehouse area) As this is a kind of paper used for facila, you can choose the available dust-free workshop.

Raw Materials

Large paper roll is the main raw materials.

Finished product model

It can produce soft pack tissue paper and boxed pack tissue paper. Only the packaging machines are different, but the facial paper machines are the same. The soft pack tissue paper can be used in family life, carried around, or packaged and printed for advertising, or in restaurants; While the box packing tissue paper can be used in gas stations, KTVs and restaurants.


  1. Reduce waste paper: Automatic shutdown function when paper breaks to avoid waste products when there is no paper or paper breaks.
  2. Optional: Embossing and edge-embossing devices enable a wider range of products to adapt to the quality requirements of different products.
  3. Flexible adjustment: Finished products of different widths can be folded at the same time. The flexible longitudinal slitting device can adjust the slitting width arbitrarily within the width range of 100-210mm.

Tissue Paper Manufacturing Machine Price

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