5 tons per day tissue toilet paper making machine for sale in Mexico

After the Covid, our awareness of personal hygiene and health has been increased. And it drives the growth of the toilet paper market. In a result, many investors are particularly confident about investing in toilet paper making machine. So as RAFAEL from Mexico.

Working case in Mexico

Rafael had diligently reached out to numerous suppliers, seeking the perfect solutions for his paper mill. However, despite his efforts, he couldn’t find the ideal fit among the suppliers he had contacted.

On september 2023, when Rafael discovered our factory, Rafael requested a quote for our smallest toilet paper manufacturing machine. We proposed our 5 tons per day tissue paper making machine.

toilet paper making machine

1900 Toilet Paper Making Machine

Capacity: 5-6 tons per day

Paper width: 1900mm

Raw materials: Waste paper

He expressed his excitement and immediately engaged in a video call with our team. During the call, we provided comprehensive answers to all his inquiries and even gave him a virtual tour of our factory. Impressed by our expertise and commitment, Rafael conveyed his intentions to discuss the matter with his partners and provide us with a response within a week.

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True to his word, Rafael returned to us after a week with a renewed sense of determination. This time, he focused on understanding the payment terms associated with the purchase. Over the course of several productive communications, both parties collaborated extensively to find a mutually beneficial solution. After careful deliberation, we successfully identified the best payment terms that satisfied both Rafael and our company.

Within a mere two days, Rafael demonstrated his commitment by promptly sending us the transfer details for the deposit.

Recognizing the instrumental role we played in facilitating the smooth installation process, Rafael expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards our team for the invaluable assistance rendered.

Now, Rafael’s paper mill commenced its operations without delay.

The successful collaboration between Rafael and our company in Mexico serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. We take immense pride in supporting entrepreneurs like Rafael as they embark on their ventures, ensuring their aspirations become thriving realities.