How to control the production cost of sanitary roll paper?

Sanitary roll paper is the main household paper processing product. Therefore, controlling the production cost of sanitary roll paper is very important to the production efficiency of the enterprise.

How is made toilet paper? If you are new in this field, you should better learn first the production process of paper roll.

1.1 Initial commissioning of the equipment after the raw paper is put on the shelf

In general, it takes less than an hour to replace a set of large shaft base paper. Faster rewinding and punching equipment requires frequent roll changes. Due to the instability of the basis weight and thickness of the base paper, there will be some fluctuations between each set of base paper. Some domestic toilet paper machine proHow ducts are particularly obvious in this regard. Therefore, when starting production, appropriate adjustments must be made to the processing equipment. Such as the number of punching sections or roll diameter, paper roll weight, etc. Only in this way can we produce products that meet quality requirements. In the initial adjustment process, due to unskilled operation or lack of understanding of product specifications, the quality requirements can only be met after repeated repetitions. Then part of the base paper is consumed.

In addition, the weight or diameter of the same set of base paper is too different. The original paper is not used up at the same time. The remaining paper rolls vary in size. Creates waste during loading, unloading, and adjustment. These will affect production efficiency.

1.2 The number of paper roll strips is unreasonable

In the processing of sanitary roll paper, the base paper is rewound and punched into paper rolls by a rewinding punching machine, and then cut into small rolls of a certain size by a band saw or a large rotary paper cutter. When certain, the height of the small roll must be carefully calculated, so that the number of rolls cut out from one roll strip is the largest, and the loss at both ends is the smallest.

If the calculation is unreasonable, the height of the toilet roll is not selected according to the appropriate length, and there are too many ends of the roll strip, which will cause unnecessary waste.

toilet roll making machine

1.3 Processing equipment failure

The rewinding punching machine is the main equipment for toilet roll paper production. In order to ensure the stability of the production process, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment is particularly important. If the operating procedures and daily maintenance regulations of the equipment are not followed, frequent failures will occur during the production process, and continuous normal production will not be possible, resulting in a great waste of raw materials.

Therefore, the high efficiency and stable operation of production equipment is the key to improving production capacity. There should be a strict rule and system for equipment maintenance and maintenance, so as to avoid failure in production as much as possible. At the same time, the replacement of spare parts should also follow certain principles to avoid random replacement without purpose, resulting in an increase in production costs.

1.4 Problems in the packaging process

Packaging problems are mainly caused by packaging equipment or some human factors. Traditional toilet roll packaging is all done manually, using a sealing machine to seal and iron the individual rolls into single rolls and then put them into medium bags and large bags. This method has low production efficiency and cannot meet the needs of mass production.

In recent years, domestic toilet paper packaging machines have gradually replaced manual packaging. But overall there are still certain problems with the continuity and stability of the equipment. The requirements for packaging materials are also high. If the packaging materials are not suitable, such as thickness, viscosity after heating, etc., and do not meet the actual requirements of production, it will cause waste of raw materials. Improper force control during manual sealing can cause burns, crushing and tearing of the packaging bag. In addition, fluctuations in product size and tightness will also cause a decrease in packaging quality, ultimately increasing production costs.

Controlling the production cost of roll paper is crucial to the production efficiency of the enterprise. How do toilet paper processing plants control costs? What do you think? Welcome to leave a message.