Paper cup production machine for sale in Armenia

Areg ordered from YG Paper Machinery a complete paper cup production machine, including 8 paper cup machines, 2 cup sleeve machines, one paper cup printing machine, one die cutting machine for paper cups, one air compressor, paper rolls, glue, and inks.

Working case in Armenia – Paper Cup Production

Areg does beverage business in Armenia. With the growing demand for paper cups, he decided to open his own paper cups production factory. So he found YG Paper Machinery for help.

Objective: To produce 4 sizes of paper cups.

Solution: YG made a perfect plan of paper cup manufacturing machine for Areg. This plan can produce 4 sizes of paper cups at same time. Save time and labor costs. Improve efficiency.

Need a plan for your factory?

Are you in the beverage industry and looking for a reliable solution to meet the growing demand for paper cups? Look no further than the Paper Cup Production Machine!

How are cups made from paper

This advanced equipment automates the entire production process, from paper roll feeding to cup forming and sealing. With its efficient design and precise controls, it ensures consistent cup quality and optimal production speed. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to efficiency with the Paper Cup Forming Machine!

Paper Cup Production Machine

NameFully automatic paper cup making machine
Paper Cup Size2.5-16OZ
Raw MaterialOne-side or two-side PE coated paper(Singe PE or Double PE coated paper)
Speed75-85 pcs/min
Suitable paper weight160-300g/㎡;±20g/㎡
Voltage supply380V(220V)  50HZ
Cup sizebottom35-70mm,top45-90mm high32-135mm
Working Air Source0.4-0.6Mpa;    0.4m³/min
General power6kw
Net weight2000kg
Measurement (mm)Machine dimension (L:2100mm;W:1200mm;H:1800mm)
CupholderCupholder (L:900mm;W:600mm;H:1500mm)
Cup Side SealingEVERGREEN Ultrasonic
Bottom KnurlingHot air system

Our factory

  • Our Company Name: YG Paper Machinery
  • Years of Experience: 19 years in the industry
  • Expertise: Leading manufacturer of paper cup machines
paper cup machine factory

Check now the working video

View the video to see the smooth cup formation and the finished product.