Paper Doner Box / Pasta Box / Noodle Box Forming Machine Price in Turkey

The paper doner box forming machine is a creative equipment for producing soup bowls and large-sized paper bowls, such as soup bowls, instant noodle bowls, large food cone-shaped containers, doner box, kebab box, pasta box, etc.

Full Automatic Doner Kebab Lunch Box Forming Machine

Capacity100-120 pcs/min90-100 pcs/min80-90 pcs/min
Size range(Max)Top Diameter: 90mmTop Diameter: 90mmTop Diameter: 125mm
Bottom Diameter: 80mmBottom Diameter: 80mmBottom Diameter: 100mm
Height: 140mmHeight: 170mmHeight: 180mm
Suitable paper thickness135-450gsm135-450gsm135-450gsm
Sealing methodUltrasonic & hot air systemUltrasonic & hot air systemUltrasonic & hot air system
Running Power10kw10kw12kw
Air compressor0.4 M³/Min 0.5MPA0.4 M³/Min 0.5MPA0.5 M³/Min 0.5MPA
Net weight3500kg3500kg3500kg
Machine dimension2500×1800 ×1700mm2500×1800 ×1700mm2500×1800 ×1700mm
Collector dimension900 ×900 ×1760mm900 ×900 ×1760mm900 ×900 ×1760mm
Doner box kebab box making machine


  • Doner box machine is suitable for making all kinds of paper barrel product. The equipment works stably and can produce paper bowls with a diameter of up to 185mm. It is the first choice for making paper barrels.
  • The entire machine uses spray lubrication to reduce the wear of machine parts.
  • The machine uses PLC Control, improve intelligence, and make the stroke more precise and accurate.
  • Reduce labor costs and improve equipment stability and safety.
Doner box machine

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What is price of doner box kebab box machine?

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