Burger box making machine

burger box making machine

A perfect solution for high-volume burger production.

Produce up to 10,800 burger boxes per hour.

Made with high-quality materials and components

Custom burger box making machine

ModelYG-800 Burger box making machine
Box LengthL100-450mm
Box Angles5°- 40°
Box WidthB100-580/385mm
Edge banding heightH 15-200mm
Occupancy of machine1.2m*4m
Product speedMax 180pcs/min
Bonding/Gluing deviceWater-based adhesive
Paper thicknessMax 1.5mm
Electrical requirement3kw/h
Air requirement6kg/cm²*200L/min
Equipment size3.48m*1.32m*1.5m
Package measurements3.55m*1.35m*1.7m (L*W*H)

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Why you should choose YG Paper Machinery?

YG-800 burger box making machine can be used to produce a variety of types of burger boxes, including standard burger boxes, hamburger sliders, and chicken sandwich boxes.

Our burger box making machines are very efficient. They produce high-quality burger boxes quickly and with minimal waste.

We have many years of experience in the production of automatic burger box making machines. 1-year warranty.

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24-hour sales hotline: +8613598866720