Everything You Need to Know About A4 Paper

In daily life, we often hear descriptions of paper sizes, such as A4 paper, B5 paper, etc. As a common paper specification, 4-inch paper is how big is it? This article will introduce in detail the size, use and comparison of 4-inch paper with other common paper specifications.

A4 paper

A4 paper size

The size of A4 paper refers to the paper size obtained by folding standard paper (A0) in half four times in the prescribed manner. The size of A0 paper is 841 mm × 1189 mm. According to the folding method, first fold the A0 paper in half into A1, then fold it in half into A2, then fold it in half into A3, and finally fold it in half into 4-inch paper (A4). Therefore, the size of A4 paper is 210 mm × 297 mm.

The size of A4 paper makes it a very practical paper format. It is neither too big nor too small, making it suitable for many different application scenarios.

How is made A4 paper? – Raw Materials

A4 paper is typically made from wood pulp, but it can also be made from recycled materials or bamboo.

If you want to learn more about the paper making, you can read this guide A4 paper making machine.

Uses of A4 paper

Due to its moderate size, A4 paper is widely used in daily life and work.

1. Office documents

In an office environment, one of the most common uses of A4 paper is to print office documents. Most printers support A4 paper size, so using A4 paper can conveniently print files, back up important files, and deliver files.

2. Academic papers

In academia, A4 paper is also one of the most commonly used paper specifications. Many academic journals and conferences require submitted papers to be in A4 size and formatted in a specific format. Therefore, researchers and students usually choose 4-format paper when preparing academic papers.

3. Educational materials

Due to the moderate size of A4 paper, it is also ideal for producing educational materials such as textbooks, exercise books, exam papers, etc. Students usually use 4-page paper to take notes and complete class assignments.

Comparison with other paper formats

In addition to 4-inch paper (A4), there are other common paper specifications, such as A3, A5, etc. Below is a comparison of 4-inch paper with other common paper sizes.

A3 paper

A3 paper is twice the size of 4-inch paper, measuring 420 mm × 297 mm. Compared with 4-inch paper, A3 paper is more suitable for making large posters, display boards, charts and other occasions that require more space. In some fields of art and design, A3 paper is also often used to display works.

A5 paper

A5 paper is half the size of 4-inch paper, measuring 148 mm × 210 mm. Compared with 4-inch paper, A5 paper is smaller and suitable for making brochures, personal notebooks, notes, etc. Due to its small size, A5 paper is also easy to carry and is often used as a portable notebook or trip record.

B5 paper

B5 paper is a paper format slightly larger than 4-inch paper, measuring 176 mm × 250 mm. Compared with A series paper, B series paper is slightly wider, so B5 paper is widely used in some specific occasions, such as the production of books, magazines and newspapers.


To sum up, 4-inch paper (A4), as a common paper specification, has a wide range of applications in daily life and work. It’s the perfect size for printing office documents, writing academic papers, and creating educational materials. Compared with other paper specifications, A3 paper is suitable for large-scale displays, A5 paper is suitable for making brochures and notes, and B5 paper is more common in book and newspaper production.

Whether in the office, school or daily life, understanding the characteristics and uses of different paper specifications can help us choose the right paper and improve the efficiency of work and study.